About Our Services

A building’s cleanliness speaks to the people who enter it. Is your building clean? Does it present the level of quality that your company has? People notice when a building is not clean.

  • A clean building promotes a healthy working environment—free from contamination, allergens, etc. This also helps reduce employee sick days.
  • A clean building helps to decrease workers compensation claims.
  • A clean building increases employee productivity.
  • A clean building sets a standard of excellence for all people who enter it - employees and clientele alike!

A clean building, over time, enjoys a lower total cost of ownership, and retains higher property values.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

Comprehensive Cleaning Solution Requirements


You, our technicians, our management, and our suppliers make up the team. Your building appearance is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, should there be a problem, we will respond quickly.


Ramco Building Maintenance has already made a tremendous investment in machinery/technology that provides you with the best clean possible. We are continually looking for new and improved technology to provide you with the best results—so you don’t have to.


Reliability, dependability and integrity - these are what our service is all about. We offer you a service you can depend on. Our employees are screened prior to hiring and are properly trained. We maintain comprehensive insurance for everyone’s protection.


A high level of cleaning performance does not just happen. Planning is required. This includes everything from hiring the right people and training them on the proper handling of chemicals to giving them a correct set of specifications.


Our cleaning services mean much more than polishing desks and emptying wastebaskets. Ramco Building Maintenance provides total building maintenance services. We do it all - turnkey.