Green vs. Traditional Cleaning: The Similarities and Differences Explained

A clean building speaks volumes to all who enter. We’ve known for decades that clean environments increase employee morale, productivity, and reduce the number of sick days taken. 

Now, with the manufacturers of cleaning products committing to making these solutions as green as possible, we are able to protect our employees' health even more.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

All businesses can benefit from cleaning services.

From manufacturing facilities to business buildings, the benefits of commercial cleaning services are endless.

Keeping your building clean can increase the building’s lifespan, motivate your staff to be more productive, and impress your patrons who visit.

How to Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company

The right commercial cleaning company can give your business a sense of professionalism and class that will impress any customer, client, or tenant who walks through the door.

A clean commercial building promotes productivity and safety while lowering maintenance costs.

How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

When you’re hiring a commercial cleaning company, the choices can be overwhelming. 

“What are their rates? How much do I need to budget for cleaning? What type of services do I need?” All of these are common questions that office managers and facility directors find themselves thinking about when they start researching commercial cleaning companies.